AnimationPackage 3 is an ActionScript 3 library compatible to Flash Player 9. It helps you to create powerful, maintainable animations and primitive shapes in an efficient and easy way, resulting in small file sizes.

Like all versions of AnimationPackage, this version 3 is independent of the Flex Framework. If you are able to use the free Flex 2 Framework, I recommend you consider using its Flex 2 Effects Framework API or extentions of it, instead of AnimationPackage.

If you're looking for a lighter weight tween engine than currently provided with the Flex 2 Effects Framework, check out de.alex_uhlmann.animationpackage.utility.Animator, and its time based and frame based tween classes; TimeTween and FrameTween.

Download AnimationPackage 3 Alpha 1 (ActionScript 3, Flash Player 9)

Excerpt: de.alex_uhlmann.animationpackage.drawing.SuperShape

creating powerful animations fast.